Our mission

Help others to not only survive their digital transformation but to thrive with it

Meet the team


Quentin Chiarugi

Co-Founder & CEO

Will Beattie

Co-Founder & CTO

Togi Gouw


“Determined to transform mundane interactions into meaningful ones.”

A self-made entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, Quentin has built high growth companies providing high touch services and continues to develop new businesses devoted to creating innovation in technology, intended to improve the way companies manage their customers.

“Obsessed with creating friction free customer journeys.”

Will has enjoyed a 15 year career at the vanguard of digital product development. With experience spanning the media, advertising, finance, insurance, and professional services industries, Will is an early pioneer of cloud computing and an avowed agile project management evangelist.

“Passionate about technology improving customer experience and creating value. “

Togi brings with him 30 years of experience working as a business-driven CFO and General Manager with blue chip companies such as Philips Electronics, Energizer and Schneider Electric. He holds a strong accounting and financial background in both consumer and retail businesses.

The Kaddra Team

Abdul Ghani

Full Stack Developer

Anais Fillau

Head of Customer Success

Ayu Pratiwi

Customer Success Executive

Bobbie Ebarle

Mobile Engineer

Erick Yap

Sales Director

Delaney Seven

Marketing Executive

Catherine Human​

Executive Assistant to CEO

Chuck Hsu

Full Stack Engineer

Clara Wong

Legal Counsel

Colin Peter

Full Stack Engineer

Farianti Ika Putri​

Quality Analyst

Felix O’ Hara

Data Engineer

Jomar Dice

Customer Success Executive

Mageswari Palanisamy

Customer Success Executive

Marian Serban

Business Development & Partnership Director

Nazma Bandani

Senior QA Analyst

Sharlin Lim

Secretarial & Office Admin Support

Sherry Lin​

Marketing Executive

Shirlye Lee

Senior Accounting Manager

Tung Nguyen​

Senior React Native Developer

Yudhi Aldino

Digital Designer

“The story of KADDRA lies with our people. Pushing the boundaries of our imagination to realise evolution is about taking risks no one else is ready to take. People giving everything they have - seeing success and failure along the way - for the sole purpose of accomplishing the remarkable.”

We are convinced our journeys are written through those we meet and through the decisions we take. When we started to build one of the leading luxury businesses in Asia we understood that a demanding sector would require only the very best from us continuously exceeding our own limits and those working alongside us.But this was only the beginning. Much more could be accomplished. What if everything we had learned, shaped, built and dreamed of was the solution many others had been searching for?Our own digital transformation took us through an amazing quest leading us from a traditional business to developing disruptive technology solutions for all.We now aim to help businesses solve their own challenges and enable them to transform their present and future customer experience. With KADDRA technology we are bringing the next generation of all-in-one platforms so every business can thrive in the new digital era.

It is inspiring to imagine our solutions can transform so many great ideas into successful businesses and we will continue to commit our efforts to shape the future of responsible commerce.