Will Beattie

3 creative marketing tips to boost your Christmas sales

Christmas is probably the best time of the year to roll out your best marketing campaign that drives brand love and boosts sales. Here are our top 3 Christmas marketing tips to help you launch a memorable, highly effective marketing campaign. 1. Use the scarcity effect in your communication The scarcity effect is a cognitive …

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How to drive traffic from your website to your app

How to drive traffic from your website to your app

The fastest way to increase your mobile app downloads is to funnel your website’s traffic to your mobile app stores. Installing a download banner on your website, for example, could be an efficient approach to attracting new users to your app. Here are 3 tips to help you craft a high-performing app download banner: 1. Make …

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HL Mart app

HL Mart app is live now!

Huge congratulations to HL Mart on the launch of their mobile app, powered by Kaddra. 🎉 As one of the major rice importers in Singapore, HL Mart supplies various rice products to meet the demand of the ever-changing market. Get a variety of premium rice products delivered to your doorstep today! Download the app: https://hlgk.onelink.me/xyaZ

Lafleur Wines app

The Lafleur Wines app is live now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Lafleur Wines app 🎉 As your dedicated wine concierge, Lafleur Wines offers one-of-a-kind customer service to explore new territories of exquisite liquor that you’ve never tasted before. Download the app now to dapple in the finest wine available at your fingertips: https://lafleur.onelink.me/siCt

DumplingsRU app

The DumplingsRU app is live now!

Hungry? You’re in luck, because scrumptious Russian dumplings from Dumplings RU can now be ordered on-demand via the Dumplings RU mobile app 🎉 Partake in a smorgasbord of authentic Russian-Ukrainian cuisine as you browse through the full menu on the Dumplings RU mobile app, powered by Kaddra.  Download the app now: https://dru.onelink.me/cDoi

Teoxane APAC app

The Teoxane APAC app is live now!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Teoxane APAC mobile app 🎉 A leader in cosmetics and beauty care, Teoxane brings the next beauty revolution with cutting-edge treatments to women everywhere. Download the app now: https://teoxane.onelink.me/vDcZ