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App4Student is changing the way students experience their education abroad.
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App4Student is changing the way students experience their education abroad. Powered by Kaddra technology, App4Student is an aggregator of services and covers everything the students need. From renting housing, enjoying local bars and restaurants or shopping, the app gives them direct access to a large selection of curated services they would otherwise take weeks to find.

With their virtual guide in their pocket, students can be at ease to study and enjoy the best activities around the school with just a few simple clicks.

The Challenges

> Book housing efficiently

> Providing safe and curated activities

> Create a safe digital space for students

The Solutions

Booking housing as a student is both a stressful and strenuous process. It can become a nightmare for students to go to a new city, not knowing the housing market, and having to rush to find a place only in the hopes that it is within your budget and the landlord is easy to communicate with. Using Kaddra booking and Live Chat modules, App4Student has just turned this nightmarish process into an absolute breeze. Now students can select the flat or house they favour, book a visit to the place and if needed chat with the landlord to get more info or finalise their booking.

Student safety is a priority, and App4Student takes this matter very seriously. On the home section of the app, students can browse through local bars, restaurants, shopping, spas and sport venues, all recommended by locals and curated by App4Student for safety and pricing to fit into student budgets! And using the booking engine of the app, students can book directly where they wish to go.

From this section, students can also purchase a few goodies from the local shops and get delivered directly into their rented flat or house. 

The App4Student app provides an inclusive space for students to have access to valuable resources throughout their studies. If they need someone to do cleaning, a plumber, or go to bars where they know they can be safe is vital for students, their parents and the school to be at ease and ensure the best time possible during studies. App4Student is making full use of Kaddra’s aggregator module, by curating a range of partners, connecting them to the platform and giving access to students into the safe space of the app.


This is just the beginning. App4Student is clearly making a mark in the education world, and with this new digital lifestyle model, any school proposing it will have an edge over its peers. With more services and more housing to be added this year, the choice will be wide enough to cater for the majority of students and the model will likely spread into more school and countries soon.

The App4Student app is available now on the App Store and Google Play.