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Global Seasons (Century Global) is a Singapore based fruit and vegetable delivery service providing businesses with fresh produce at wholesale rates.
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Global Seasons (Century Global) is a Singapore based fruit and vegetable delivery service providing businesses with fresh produce at wholesale rates. 

The company is quickly expanding and serves many of Singapore’s food retailers, and continues to take on more clients with the success of their digital transformation.

Kaddra has partnered with Century Global to create a stunning mobile app which will effectively serve as a B2B mobile solution for growing Century Global business and increasing the company’s productivity. 

The Challenges

> Fragmented ordering process

> Complex order taking methods

> No easy access of the portfolio for clients

> Create effective marketing for B2B

The Solutions

As a company expands, efficiency is key. Digital transformation will save an average of seven working hours per week that a staff member would usually spend completing tasks which can all be done from the convenience of the app, meaning the sales team can focus on bringing in new clients rather than taking orders. 

Adding to the time consuming tasks B2B ordering is often done from a variety of ordering methods, making it difficult for both the company and the customer to place orders quickly and efficiently. When creating the Global Seasons app, Kaddra has helped streamlined the ordering process, eliminating the need for tedious phone calls, faxes, and other arbitrary methods to be used for ordering. The Global Seasons App allows for a simple ordering process, all in one place.

The app created for Global Seasons provides an interactive portfolio for potential and returning clients. The Global Seasons app is a one-stop-shop, allowing clients to have an inside look into products Century Global offers as well as their company mission.

Effective B2B marketing is essential for expanding brand awareness and maintaining relationships with return customers. By using Kaddra’s rapid app development platform, Global Seasons can utilize the effective marketing method of push notifications. Push notifications are noted as being more effective than both email and text messaging marketing, especially from a B2B standpoint. For instance, push notifications have been noted to boost app engagement by 80%, and 48% of mobile app users have made purchases triggered by push notifications. Push notifications are easy and fast to create and have a high visibility rate as they are sent directly to the users’ screen with direct links back to the app.


Century Globals collaboration with Kaddra has allowed the company to reverse many of the challenges which they previously faced in the B2B sphere. Kaddra’s mobile commerce solution provided Century Global with a set of tools to market and maximize their company’s productivity through the creation of a mobile app.