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Dance Embassy is a Singapore based dance studio founded by Lavania Hajji.
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Dance Embassy is a Singapore based dance studio founded by Lavania Hajji. They offer virtual and in studio dance classes including Bollywood, hip-hop, and even tik-tok inspired dance classes!

This fun and vibrant studio went for a full brand revamp and decided it was a perfect time to expand their reach and digitally evolve their business by launching their very own mobile app. The Dance Embassy app offers a wide range of services at your fingertips. Now, users can book dance classes, parties, retreats, all in just a few clicks.

The Challenges

> Simplifying bookings for employees and members

> Amplify Dance Embassy brand to engage new and existing members

> Marketing to their existing community

The Solutions

On the Dance Embassy app, both returning and first time members can easily sign up for classes, book parties, and more directly from the app. Using time allocations, Kaddra booking tool simplifies the process for Dance Embassy employees to manage incoming bookings. The tool allows customers to select only the times and days available, removing any fully allocated slots, making the process very easy to manage on both sides from a customer and business point of views. Dance Embassy will reduce dramatically the back and forth discussions for bookings and save in time, resources and money.

The Dance Embassy brand and mission is uplifting, inclusive, and lively, which existing members will know from visiting the studio and taking classes. With the flexible app structure and easy way to upload amazing content, any clients can feel the positive and lively atmosphere of the brand when visiting the app. Through the Discover page, Dance Embassy can post articles and stories on subjects that matter to their members creating additional bonds and engagement between the brand and the users. 

It is extremely important for Dance Embassy to be able to engage their community. By utilizing push notifications Dance Embassy is able to remind users on the day of their classes, post available spots in classes, and announce exciting events for their members to take part in. It has been proven that push notifications greatly increase app retention rates, and boost community engagement by 88%. 


The launch of the Dance Embassy app has enabled the studio to expand their vibrant community of dance and fitness enthusiasts, while simplifying the overall experience for both employees and members. The app brings limitless opportunities as the Dance Embassy movement continues to grow in 2021.