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Go Drinks is a wine delivery service app based in Bali, Indonesia.
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Go Drinks is a wine delivery service app based in Bali, Indonesia. They source the most sought after international wines from across the globe, making them available island-wide at an affordable price point.

Following their launch, Go Drinks saw massive success from both locals and tourists in Bali, pushing them to launch their mobile app to increase accessibility and convenience for customers. With the Go Drinks app, customers can browse and order wines for free same day delivery, in just a few clicks.

The Challenges

> Provide a seamless order and delivery process

> Create a community around wine in Bali

> Engage existing customer base

The Solutions

Accepting orders via desktop proved to be unorganized and inaccessible for both customers and the Go Drinks team. Ordering on the Go Drinks app is simple, fast, and hassle-free. Customers can browse Go Drinks full selection of imported wines and place orders instantly. To sweeten the deal, Go Drinks offers free same-day delivery and no order minimum.

Go Drinks maintains a lively, fun, and upbeat brand aesthetic. As Bali begins to reopen for tourism, Go Drinks aims to host frequent wine events, meetups, and more for their growing community. Within the app, customers can stay up to date on upcoming events and reserve their spots. Similarly, in the Discover section, community members can read up on recent Go Drinks news, announcement, or articles published about featured wines.

To better market their services and keep customers engaged, Go Drinks can utilize push notifications as an impactful marketing tool. With an opening rate of 46%, push notifications are also a crucial way to keep Go Drinks customers informed and active on the app. Go Drinks can send push notifications updates on order statuses, delivery time, etc. making the customer feel taken care of every step of the way.


Combining their hassle-free order and delivery process with their lively persona, there is no doubt that Go Drinks will continue to be wildly successful island-wide. The Go Drinks app provides a universal space for boosting sales and creating a tight-knit community around the brand.

The Go Drinks app is available now on the App Store and Google Play.