iROO is a Taiwanese fashion brand taking the Asian fashion world by storm. With over 80 stores in Taiwan and 5 in Singapore, they are now looking to expand to new markets in South East Asia where they already have a loyal customer base. 

Specializing in providing “affordable luxury” they have managed to become a true competitor to the well known western brands in the same positioning and have understood their Asian centric clientele is changing rapidly and they need to continue to evolve if they want to take more market shares. 

But growing into new markets requires large capital inputs for stores, teams, offices… So in order to maximize their growth with a cost effective model in line with customers’ needs, iROO has decided to use Kaddra mobile technology to create their own branded state-of-the-art app commerce to grow sales in Singapore, Malaysia and more markets in the near future. 

The Challenges

> Allow for rapid internationalization with a rapid and cost effective model

> Seamless online communication with customers

> Evolve in-store experience and create true omnichannel experience

The Solutions

Launching the iROO mobile app was a crucial step in taking the company into a new era. The app creates a uniform, easy-to-use, shopping experience for customers. It enables iROO to have limitless expansion and reach a new pool of customers inside and outside the brand’s physical markets. In a time where online sales are soaring, iROO needed to preserve its brand identity by creating its own digital ecosystem, elevating the quality of experience by using state of the art technology and making sure the costs would stay within budget for a sustainable business model. 

Kaddra provided all three requirements and paved the way for sustainable growth in Singapore, Malaysia and soon more SEA markets and beyond. With a stock located in Singapore, iROO doesn’t need to open new offices, new warehouses or add more headcounts to their operations and still operate a full blown business in the new markets. 

A true innovation in the way iROO is operating their fashion brand into the digital space is to give their clientele true customer support using Kaddra Live Chat sitting at the center of the app. The Live Chat feature enables the iROO team to communicate with their customers as they shop, mirroring the feeling of an in-store experience with a shopping advisor. Customers can now shop confidently, knowing if they have any questions they can instantly access support. This feature embodies a personalized feel, that has never been provided by any fashion brand before in the digital world and sets the tone of what high quality digital commerce should be. 

Using Kaddra’s retail solution means customers can use their phone in store to check out pieces they have favorited and try them. Shopping can be intertwined with physical and digital experiences. The pick up fulfillment option can let the customer purchase from the app and collect their items in store helping in physical brand awareness as well as quality customer service. The app becomes a tool for both customers and iROO teams to help the sales and delivery processes become smoother, faster and more secure. 

The app will bring much more in the evolution of omnichannel sales. The next step for iROO will be to use Kaddra auto-generated QR code technology so customers are able to use the iROO app in stores, scan items they want for information or to add to their carts and make a purchase directly from their phone in store. This will minimise the need for a POS system, reduces lengthy queue times, and relieves retail staff to spend more time in advising and upselling.


The creation of the iROO app gives the brand limitless opportunities to expand and thrive within their business. Customers now have access to the entire retail store from the convenience of their mobile phones. iROO is now way ahead of its competitors, having an advantage over other retailers to connect with their customers and easily expand their global reach by digitally transforming the iROO shopping experience.