“Working with Kaddra has been an unbelievable experience, they really understand how to elevate a brand in the mobile channel and create seamless customer experiences” Jordan Chua, CEO

Envy Motors is Singapore’s leading automobile dealership that specializes in the consignment of luxury vehicles. Their vision is to revolutionize the traditional car dealership model with innovative customer channels, exceptional branding of the cars, and an unparalleled customer experience.

Envy Motors has launched Singapore’s first mobile application by a used-car dealership, bringing with it a suite of intuitive functions that truly rounds out owning a luxury car. Think snappy, dedicated roadside assistance, a smattering of exclusive F&B offers, and a section updated with new articles that the avid motorhead is going to love. Clients also get access to privileges like complimentary car washes and polishing.

The Envy Motors app also revolutionises the buying game. Take a whirl through the virtual Showrooms, where one can inspect the current offerings without an eager salesman hurrying decisions. Booking test drives has never been this seamless – not only does it skip the need for a phone call, but users will be able to add confirmed bookings to phone calendars immediately. To top it off, the Envy Motors app promises to be a one-stop docket for managing a stable of cars, with the option to file tax, maintenance and insurance records for multiple vehicles.

The app consists of six main features – Showroom, Sell My Car, Envy Daily, Envy Privileges, Envy Concierge and Envy Garage. The Showroom allows users to view our selection of cars available in detail with the aid of pictures of the car shot in the showroom.

The Challenges

> Connecting the seller and the buyer is very time consuming and the process can be clunky

> Increase showroom and other services visibility

> Increase scalability by automation of certain processes

> Improve communication and marketing through data

> Improve the “club-like” accesses for the buyers and sellers

The Solutions

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Kaddra solution has enabled the sellers to create their own booking schedule so the buyers can choose from the calendar the best time to test drive the cars. This feature has allowed Envy Motors to save more than 80% of their time spent on arranging each appointment. 

Understanding customers is key to providing the most appropriate service. And we know that Envy Motors users are all top end of the spectrum and likely living a very busy life, travelling around the world. Mobile is therefore a must here. With Kaddra solution the showroom is available on a mobile version with UX allowing buyers to easily browse through and book appointments whilst travelling.

In many cases services are not integrated directly into the user’s journey, redirecting users to web browsers outside their ecosystem. With Kaddra solution Envy Motors is capable of having most of the work automated gaining time but also ensuring the customers stay within their trusted and secure ecosystem with sensitive data.


The live chat feature is at the center of the app and allows Envy Motors to communicate with its customers with a very high reading conversion. This tool helps greatly in making customer service a strong asset of their business. There is nothing more attractive for a customer than having efficient and fast responses to their demands. Additionally, Envy Motors is also using the chat to personalise the service provided using the data they collect from the user base. 
Envy motors is becoming the “car club” of its customers, providing them with services beyond just selling and buying cars. With Kaddra solution, members of that club can now find all of what Envy Motors offers into one place on their phone. Quick access, discounts, additional perks and services, this is the many reasons customers will come back for more and feel special. 

The Special features

The Smart Garage

This feature is a digitalised car garage service where users can keep track of their car’s records reminders through ‘’push notifications’’.

The Depreciation and COE calculator 

Users are guaranteed a hassle-free car shopping experience with the loan and depreciation calculators available in the app.



Envy Motors has become the first luxury second hand car dealership to provide a mobile ecosystem with a full access to its different cars and services

They have now a true digital user experience by providing an seamless booking facility for the buyers and the sellers

They are able to provide a Smart Digital Garage so their customers can have a piece of mind on when to get the car serviced or the COE renewed. 

Executive Summary

Industry Automotive dealership

Location Singapore (Asia)

Product Kaddra Solution

Developer www.kaddra.com