When social distancing dampens bakery sales, Maison Kayser delivers


Maison Kayser



The Context

World-renowned French bakery chain Maison Kayser opened their doors in Singapore with five locations across the city. The successful bread and pastry maker was accustomed to receiving long queues of customers at their stores everyday, until the pandemic hit.

While many other F&B outlets turned to food delivery apps to bolster demand, Maison Kayser knew that such short-term tactics are not sustainable. The hefty merchant commission paid to the food delivery apps, coupled with the lack of customer ownership, inspired Maison Kayser to search for a more innovative solution

Maison Kayser worked closely with Kaddra to tackle a key challenge – reaching the stay-at-home customers in the new normal, and delivering fresh pastry to their door steps.

The Challenge

Reaching the stay-at-home
customers in the new normal,
and delivering fresh pastries
to their door steps.

The Solution

Through the Maison Kayser app, powered by Kaddra, customers can easily order the full menu of baked goods on-demand. To ensure all orders are delivered timely to customers, Maison Kayser leveraged on Kaddra’s integration with Lalamove, a regional logistics provider, to power island-wide, same-day delivery.

Skipping the hassle of setting up a cumbersome work contract with a logistics provider, Maison Kayser used Kaddra’s plug-and-play integration with Lalamove to offer delivery service within hours. This meant that when social distancing was imposed, Maison Kayser was able to instantly adapt their business model and shifted sales channel from offline to mobile.

By enrolling their retail shoppers into Maison Kayser’s mobile app users, the digitally savvy pastry maker could constantly engage customers on mobile and converted these brand engagements into delivery orders.