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The launch of the Maison Kayser Singapore app is a brilliant step towards the future of retail in the food and beverage industry.
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World-renowned French bakery chain Maison Kayser has opened their doors in Singapore with five locations across the city. The successful bread and pastry maker has grown into a stable business and decided to reach a wider audience using Kaddra as a vehicle for this expansion.

The dream was to have a bakery in people’s pocket at all times. You wake up in the morning, and in just three clicks, order your favourite pastries and breakfast goodies, delivered to your door within the hour!

It is no longer a dream, and the growth in sales shows how brilliant the combination of quality products and smart mobile technology can turn into a great success story.

The Challenges

> Create a simple and effective ordering system

> Allow for island-wide delivery

> Diversify clientele

The Solutions

Simplifying Maison Kayser’s ordering system was crucial when designing their app. We all know how lengthy queue times can get at bakeries during busy mornings when everyone wants to grab a quick bite. Via the Maison Kayser app, customers can order the full menu to pick up their items as quickly and conveniently as possible. The app will figure out which location is closest for you to pick up your order. 

Even better, taking advantage of Kaddra’s pre-existing partnership with Lalamove, a local delivery fulfilment company, customers can order from the app for same-day, island-wide delivery. Customers can now order croissants or quiches and have them on the breakfast table in less than an hour! Bringing the bakery to the comfort of your home created a competitive advantage for Maison Kayser against other local bakeries, only offering in-store purchases. 

One of Maison Kayser’s goals in coming to Singapore was creating a diverse clientele across the city. While some of Singapore’s large expat community may already know and love the bakery, they need to draw in local clientele everywhere in the city-state. Allowing for island-wide delivery keeps the business connected to everyone, allowing those who live in areas without a Maison Kayser physical store the ability to order and enjoy the same delicious items without leaving their neighbourhood. 


The launch of the Maison Kayser Singapore app was a brilliant step towards the future of retail in the food and beverage industry. By digitally transforming its well-known brand, Maison Kayser can significantly expand its reach, improve customer satisfaction, grow sales rapidly and set a new high in the food industry retail standards.