MAKE UP FOR EVER reimagined the customer experience in the new normal

The Context

2020 was a redefining year for the beauty industry. The pandemic put a screeching halt to retail foot traffic and dampened consumers’ interest in makeup as social engagements were discouraged. Amidst mounting adversities that challenged the entire beauty & cosmetics industry, MAKE UP FOR EVER found the silver lining in its successful reboot – by reimagining the customer experience in the new normal.





Catering to discerning beauty & cosmetics customers, MAKE UP FOR EVER wanted to engage these buyers throughout their purchase journey, and build a lasting relationship that drives long-term values to both the customers and the brand.

The Challenge

Finding the most suitable channel to scale customer engagement, build relationships, and convert brand interactions into repeat purchases.

The Solution

MAKE UP FOR EVER made a tectonic shift away from traditional retail to bet big on digital channels and mobile commerce. Powered by Kaddra, they launched their mobile commerce app to create a customer-centric digital ecosystem to grow and groom loyal customers wherever they are.

Beyond the easy-to-use mobile shopping experience, they wanted to gain deeper insights into the customers’ behaviours to provide each individual with the most relevant and exciting deals.

To achieve such a goal, MAKE UP FOR EVER uses real-time data of over 100 data points collected and utilised by Kaddra marketing’s powerful tool, ENGAGE, to create personalised promotional offers at scale.

Building a meaningful relationship takes time and effort.
MAKE UP FOR EVER shows its commitment to nurturing customer relationships through captivating branded content.

The “Discover” tab invites fans into a world of rich brand stories and initiatives that highlight MAKE UP FOR EVER’s unyielding pledge towards responsible beauty. With the right concoction, branded content humanises the brand voice and builds trust in customers.

Using Kaddra cross-selling tools, MAKE UP FOR EVER can accelerate its content to commerce (C2C) strategy. Customers can read news and articles about the product they like and immediately make a purchase, removing all frictions. Such tactics can represent over a third of the total revenues of a retailer.