“We are making history with this great digital move by offering our customers mobile access to our world using Kaddra technology. Beyond booking a table and ordering food & wines, we have added new services and even brought in our Art partner to sell on our platform.” Anthony Charmetant and Mathieu Escoffier, Co-founders of Ma Cuisine

Ma Cuisine is a gastro wine bar situated in the city of Beaune in France, and Singapore. They are well-known for their great wine selection and their traditional french food menu using only the finest ingredients.

Through the mobile app, Ma Cuisine can allow their customers to place orders for delivery, or eventually pick up. Customers can also access experiences where a series of great wines have been curated by a Sommelier. But this is just the beginning, and patrons can access a whole new section representing everything the owners love and use at the restaurant. From the store where you can find tableware to the flowers you can buy for special occasions, or the music you can listen to or even the art you can source for your home. 

Ma Cuisine 3.0 is taking a step beyond the traditional restaurant experience and downloading the app means being immersed into a world of refinements.

The Challenges

> Improving sales through new channels

> Increasing brand awareness of Ma Cuisine

> Increase scalability 

> Upgrading marketing and communication channels for customers

The Solutions

Ma Cuisine is now able to combine everything that has been curated for the restaurant into beautiful digital commerce. The app has made bookings, ordering delivery, or take away and access to service extremely simple and convenient. By adding more services, customers can recreate the experience in their own home which in return increases sales.

When you enter the app now you can discover the depth of the Ma Cuisine brand. It is not just a wine list and a food menu. So much more than that. Tableware, flowers, music, art… all of which create what Ma Cuisine customers love when they come to the restaurant. And there is no better way to increase brand awareness than providing access to all of this in a digital form so customers can find Ma Cuisine in their own home. 


The combination of the booking and the commerce tool of Kaddra’s system makes the operation completely scalable by not having to direct customers into different digital spaces which can be unmanageable if volumes are too high. By keeping all of the transactions and reservations into one place, the management can easily operate in the Restaurant as well as dispatch orders across town. 

The marketing team can now focus on providing personalized touches for clients once they enter the ecosystem. By using a more relevant message to target customers at a very granular level, the loyalty increases and spending too. Taking the “restaurant to people’s home” is a real challenge for marketers, but this now has become much easier.


Creating a Michelin Star Digital offering with a wide (and completely new) scope of services, including an aggregator model for certain products, was a real challenge. So much is at stake when the business is exposed to a high level of scrutiny from the world-famous French Label. But within a span of a few weeks, the designer’s work was incorporated in the app, the system was provisioned and the offering uploaded so digital sales could start. 

Luxury is extremely demanding, but Kaddra technology allows for a very smooth implementation, and the result is mind-blowing. 

The next step will be to continue to improve the customer experience and create a continuity in the restaurant by providing complete access to the food and wine menus at the restaurant through the app and replacing the traditional POS system with Kaddra check out mobile solution within the Ma Cuisine app ecosystem.