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MillionaireAsia is a regional multi-channel platform targeted at High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in Asia. They hold multiple events across Asia and have a database of 130,000 HNWIs across fifteen countries.
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MillionaireAsia is a regional multi-channel platform targeted at High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in Asia. They hold multiple events across Asia and have a database of 130,000 HNWIs across fifteen countries.

Through its mobile app, MillionaireAsia has now allowed its extensive list of UHNW and HNW members to purchase pre-loved luxury items, book private jets, invest into corporate deals or pitch projects to prospective investors.

From a highly respected magazine to an all-in-one super lifestyle and business mobile app and digital ecosystem, MillionaireAsia has truly reinvented the way we access the world of luxury and investment. 

The Challenges

> Creating a simple to use ecosystem that could integrate all aspects of the offerings

> Creating an aggregator marketplace for pre-loved luxury items

> Create a live chat customer service within the ecosystem

> Ensure total privacy and data security of the members

The Solutions

Kaddra’s native app solution has allowed MillionaireAsia to completely custom make each category fit their very diverse business offering. With 6 main categories including travelling, shopping pre-loved items, pitching your business project to prospective investors, finding corporate deals to invest in, purchasing health and protective equipment in a time of crisis and reading great articles from their magazine, MillionaireAsia can give all of that in just one click of a button. Each segment of the app has a very flexible approach so functionalities like reading, booking, buying or requesting a call can be used with no need for coding. This unique back office management tool has saved weeks of development and tens of thousands of dollars. 

Dealing with so many UHNWIs and HNWIs has given a unique opportunity to MillionaireAsia to create a marketplace where pre-loved luxury items could be sold. Kaddra solution aggregator model was the perfect tool to make this a reality. Each item ordered would trigger an order to MillionaireAsia. MillionaireAsia will then inform the HNWI or partner selling the item for their follow up and logistical arrangements. A perfect example of a business that can operate a large marketplace with 0 inventory.

Additionally the look and feel of Kaddra storefront is ideal for luxury items to be displayed into the right digital environment. 

Using Kaddra’s Intercom integration, the live chat is at the center of the MillionaireAsia platform. Customers can navigate through the offering and request information for investment, for a purchase or request something specific to the customer support team. In any case, live chat becomes a great tool to do customer service as well as proactively communicate with UHNW for new opportunities.

Kaddra solution allows MillionaireAsia’s members to stay within a trusted and secure ecosystem. Members are not redirected to web browsers pages outside of the ecosystem, potentially opening a breach of data that could be stolen and exposed. From the registration to the payment every step of the way each user is completely secured into the ecosystem. Using the chat within the app also allows for a highly secured communication tool between MillionaireAsia and its customers.


One of the key elements of this project was the mind set change from MillionaireAsia to grow a business into new sectors making use of its strengths to grow other revenue and service opportunities. Due to its flexibility and turnkey functionalities, Kaddra was the perfect solution to include every aspect of their business into one place. 

The mobile approach was essential to ensure the UHNWIs and HNWIs could have easy access at all times. These individuals are primarily frequent travellers with little time on their hands and the mobile app is the ideal solution to be with them at all times. 

With the use of personal push notifications and in App messages, MillionaireAsia can now become a close partner to the 130,000 UHNWIs and HNWIs across the continents, helping in both their lifestyle and investments. 

The app being open to guests as well will allow people to have a look into the lifestyle of an HNWI and explore opportunities to access prospective investors for new businesses.