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Pet Pat



The Context

Pet Pat – Start of collaboration March 2020

With Pet Pat (Singapore), cat owners have a variety of options for pampering their pets and ensuring their health. Services offered include grooming sessions at $90 and larger packages at $350. A successful enterprise with clear potential, it wasn’t long before owner Jen realised it needed to grow. 

Budget was limited, however. Additionally, Jen didn’t have a really solid marketing plan. She also lacked an expert partner who could help her grow and scale up.

It was only logical that the next step would be identifying the most effective channels for maximising customer engagement, establishing relationships, and converting brand interactions into repeat business. Like most small business owners, Jen needed an efficient system that brought real ROI.

And just like most small business owners, Jen didn’t know where to start.

That’s where Kaddra came in.

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The Challenge

Like most small businesses, Pet Pat needed an efficient system that brought real ROI

The Solution - Engage ensures growth

Once Pet Pat had partnered with Kaddra and created a mobile app, things moved very quickly. With Kaddra Engage, Pet Pat was able to automate and scale its outreach, with targeted messaging that converted more new customers, and quickly. Now Jen has seen the rapid growth of Pet Pat and can look forward to scaling it rapidly through Engage and Mobile Storefront.

The Numbers

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number of orders
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Sales conversion on pushing a product (Grooming Package)
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Monthly revenue growth
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Average new users per month

“I’m glad I found Kaddra. They’ve been a great partner and given me the opportunity to grow Pet Pat quickly. The revenue that the app brought in so quickly was a pleasant surprise! What really worked for me was the automation aspect. I don’t have the resources for a marketing team, so having everything done by Engage (especially the push notification work) really made the difference. I can now rely on the machine running everything for me. Waiting for plenty of sales to come!”

Jennifer Toh – Pet Pat Owner

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