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The Auld Alliance is one of the world’s most revered fine & rare whisky collections with a reach of fans in every corner of the world travelling to Singapore to taste some of the rarest whiskies at the bar.
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The Auld Alliance is one of the world’s most revered fine & rare whisky collections with a reach of fans in every corner of the world travelling to Singapore to taste some of the rarest whiskies at the bar. A true experience for whisky lovers to sample spirits no one else would dare to open. This has built over the years a reputation that has made The Auld Alliance one of the most respected brands in the whisky world.

But travelling to Singapore could, even for the purists, be complicated at times and founder, Emmanuel Dron, decided in 2020 to create a mobile app that would allow everyone around the world to order samples of the 1,100 whisky collection with a few simple clicks. Along with other services the “Bar Online” style app is one of the most progressive moves anyone has made in the industry in over a century!

The Auld Alliance app doesn’t stop there, you can also make reservations for a table in the original bar, shop by the bottle, order Emmanuel’s book “Collecting Scotch Whisky, Vol 1”, read stories of the industry or purchase gift vouchers for your friends.

The Challenges

> Creating a digital version of the Bar and keeping the same “tasting -style” experience

> Increasing sales through online shopping worldwide

> Improving product listings

> Increasing brand recognition

The Solutions

The “sample-style”  experience had to be well thought out between the digital commerce platform and the physical delivery. Using Kaddra back office flexible product set up module, it was possible to create a custom made schema for these very specific products and upload the thousands of pictures and metadata in a matter of minutes with the bulk upload capabilities. The customisable variant tool allowed The Auld Alliance to propose samples in 1.5cl and 3cl formats under the same product SKU. 

The key to The Auld Alliance success beyond its very unique and avant-garde model is to ensure it would be accessible for all the business fans around the world. Kaddra international shipping was developed to provide such a solution allowing clusters of countries to group shipping costs into segments and calculate automatically the total for the customer making the international purchase as simple as a local one. With a selection of over 70 countries, The Auld Alliance is a true international business and with its digital app commerce can do global sales without spending a dollar in new infrastructures. Visibility is now worldwide and drives strong sales with minimum budget and efforts.


Before The Auld Alliance launched its mobile app commerce, there was no way to discover their incredible portfolio but to go to the bar and order from their encyclopedia-like menu. Kaddra commerce module has a multi layer access, a very strong search engine, multiple views for easy review, favorite tool for easy repeat orders, all of which has made purchasing whiskies extremely simple and easy.

The Auld Alliance international and local brand awareness within the industry was already very strong and by creating digital access and making the app accessible to everyone in the world, it will reach a new type of customer and continue to build the brand. From those who want to discover to others who want to start collecting, now The Auld Alliance know-how and curation is available for all to benefit from.


With a digital sales channel powered by Kaddra, The Auld Alliance has now no limit to what they can offer. The brand has been built over the years with a careful curation of the finest product the world has to offer, which meant the digital move had to be perfect to avoid any damage to the brand. And it is without a doubt a success with a 21st Century solution, putting one of the largest fine and rare whisky collections in your pocket available whenever and wherever you want.