The Wine Odyssey taps on mobile channel to accelerate revenue growth


The Wine Odyssey


Singapore & Hong Kong

The Context

The Wine Odyssey (TWO) broke into the competitive fine wines industry as a challenger brand, headquartered in Singapore, with a strong presence in Hong Kong. TWO sells wines and provides a whole range of services for its customers including storage facilities, tailor made events, wine advisory and more.

While competitors rely on traditional retail and wholesale channels, TWO positioned itself as a personal sommelier for its private group of clients. The challenge for TWO is in finding a personal channel to nurture its relationships with a growing pool of affluent clientele. This channel is not just a mean of communication, but should be equipped with powerful commerce capabilities as well.

The Challenge

Finding a personal channel to nurture its relationships and drive sales within a growing pool of private, affluent clientele.

The Solution

Using Kaddra’s mobile storefront, TWO elevated the customer experience with a stunning user interface showing off its wine collection. TWO’s customers can now browse through the product catalogue on mobile, purchase and organise delivery to their home.

To provide the best services as a personal sommelier, TWO needed to undestand the customer’s wine preference and behaviour. This is made possible with Kaddra’s suite of data analytics, providing over 100 data points to help TWO segment their audience profiles, and serve up the collection of fine wines that their customers most desire.

Discerning wine aficionados are especially engaged in the wine purchase process. Unlike other commodities where shoppers make the purchase decision based on impulses, wine buyers want to be informed on the process and the rich heritage of the wine they like.

Engaging customers with such marketing content was impossible through traditional retail channels. However, TWO leveraged on Kaddra’s beautiful editorial layout on mobile to serve up exquisite content about the wine industry, including exclusive access to VIP events.

By combining world-class content marketing on mobile, with a high-conversion mobile storefront enriched by customer data, TWO quickly accelerated revenue growth by 31%.