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The Wine Odyssey (TWO) sells fine wines in Singapore and Hong Kong and provides a whole range of services for its customers including storage facilities, tailor-made events, wine advisory and more.
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The Wine Odyssey (TWO) sells fine wines in Singapore and Hong Kong and provides a whole range of services for its customers including storage facilities, tailor made events, wine advisory and more. 

Through its mobile app, The Wine Odyssey has made wine purchase very convenient. Wherever you are whenever you want, from your phone, a few clicks at the online store is all you need!

With its newly launched mobile app, TWO brings you a personalized wine experience. Think of having your own Sommelier at all times in your pocket and access their extensive range from Europe and all around the world.

The Challenges

> Increase sales within the private client channel

> Increase product visibility

> Increase scalability by automation of certain processes

> Improve communication and marketing through data

The Solutions
Kaddra’s solution has enabled The Wine Odyssey (TWO) to improve the selection and check out of its products. From using a pdf format for its list to now a fully automated In-app e-commerce now, the convenience of buying has become a key factor of success.


Understanding customers is key to providing the most appropriate service. And we know that The Wine Odyssey (TWO) users are all top end of the spectrum and likely living a very busy life, travelling around the world. Mobile is therefore a must here. With Kaddra’s solution the wine portfolio is available on a mobile version with UX allowing buyers to easily browse through, purchase and organise delivery to their home whilst travelling. 

In many cases services are not integrated directly into the user’s journey, redirecting users to web browsers outside their ecosystem. With Kaddra’s solution The Wine Odyssey (TWO) is capable of having most of the work automated gaining time but also ensuring the customers stay within their trusted and secure ecosystem with sensitive data.

Creating marketing content is made extremely easy and allows The Wine Odyssey to communicate with its customers on events with a very high conversion rate on RSVPs. The powerful communication tool increases visibility and provides a highly targeted marketing reach.


TWO (The Wine Odyssey) has now a complete suite of tools with a beautiful mobile commerce, to run its business and the company is already looking into expanding in other markets like Hong Kong.

It is by far the most convenient way to order wines in a safe digital environment with a luxury look & feel.

Beyond selling wines, TWO can also manage events, marketing campaigns on new and fine and rare wines, and target specific members of its customer database through the built in CRM tool.