TRADE Soho is a London based membership club for individuals working in the hospitality industry.
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TRADE Soho is a London based membership club for individuals working in the hospitality industry. 

With the recent turn in world events, they have shifted their focus to expanding their membership base in the digital sphere. 

Using Kaddra technology, TRADE has created an amazing app allowing members to browse through events, news, careers, deals, and even a marketplace where venues can sell off everything from furniture to tea…

The Challenges

> Uniting members digitally when membership formerly was entirely in person

> Making all membership services and perks digitally accessible

> Create a virtual marketplace where all F&B professionals can buy and sell second-hand items

> Plan personalized marketing for returning and new members

The Solutions

In creating the TRADE Soho app, TRADE can maintain its strong relationship with members and show them their membership still contains value during a time where the in-person club is not safely accessible. The app provides an experience that both mimics and expands the preexisting membership TRADE provided.

Similarly, the app has been specifically designed to digitalize all the main perks and benefits a TRADE Soho membership offers. From virtual events to exclusive local deals, the app provides unlimited access to all provided benefits with just a few clicks. 

Using Kaddra technology, TRADE was able to create a stunning virtual marketplace for members to buy second-hand luxury goods. This feature is a massive selling point for returning and new members as it is, easy to use, an exclusive service which has been made possible only because of the technology support. 

TRADE Soho can utilize the specific marketing tactics such as push notifications, and in-app exclusive deals. Push notifications are an extremely effective way to engage members and encourage them to regularly use the app and have been noted to boost app engagement by 88% when used regularly. Additionally, they can offer more personalised exclusive deals to members, maximizing the in-app experience and encouraging traffic.


Creating an app with Kaddra gives TRADE Soho a massive advantage over other membership clubs during these uncertain times. Each member’s phone becomes the Club and the Club can live and thrive through technology. TRADE is one of a kind and has given their members a unique approach to Members Club experience. Beyond the complex times forcing many to re-evaluate their model, TRADE has taken the digital mobile step and instead of looking at downsizing their operation, they now have no limit for expansion.