“Pushing boundaries in craftsmanship and the way people can access fine jewellery has always been part of our vision. Working closely with Kaddra, we have created the world’s first fine jewellery digital and mobile store. Our app will be The new standard for the industry” Philip Bonnet & Christophe Mariusse, Founders of Mariusse & Bonnet (M&B)

Mariusse & Bonnet sells exquisite bespoke jewellery from their collections or can design pieces to your exact specifications. The jeweller is located in one of France’s historical centers, the Drome which is known for its know-how in producing precious stones and unique pieces all over the world for decades. 

With their mobile app, Mariusse & Bonnet have made purchasing fine jewellery or precious stone simple and convenient for all. With a few simple clicks, customers can select a piece they like or a stone and speak with the craftsman directly to create a unique model. No matter which country you’re in, the Mariusse & Bonnet app is right there with you in your pocket at all times. 

The Mariusse & Bonnet app will let you browse through their extensive collections, provide in-depth information on the world of fine gems and allow you to digitally store all of your jewellery in the Jewel Box, a world’s first feature only available on M&B app . 

The Challenges

> Increase sales globally using the mobile app

> Increase brand awareness and recognition in the jewellery industry

> Increase scalability by using automation

> Improve marketing and communication through internal data

> Create a lasting connection with the customers and their jewellery collection

The Solutions

Kaddra’s mobile app solution has enabled Mariusse & Bonnet to improve the commerce layout and browsing of their collections. From using CSV format for its list of jewellery, to now a fully automated mobile commerce. The convenience of purchasing fine jewellery is now a key factor in the success of Mariusse & Bonnet.

Using customer behaviour data analytics collected in the system, M&B can understand key details of services that are most appropriate or pieces and stones customers are most interested in. We understand that Mariusse & Bonnet customers have a high expectation of service and quality. They expect a very personal interaction with their jeweller. The consumers consist of mainly high-end executives and personalities, regular buyers of fine jewellery and owners of large collections, who are likely to have fast-paced lives. Therefore, by providing a mobile ecosystem it allows them to have access to the collections and service of Mariusse & Bonnet wherever they are.

In some instances, jewellery repairing or upgrading services may not be integrated into the journey of a user. An example would be a redirection to web browsers partner websites outside of the desired ecosystem. By using Kaddra’s solution Mariusse & Bonnet ensures that the customer stays within their trusted and secure ecosystem keeping sensitive data safe. 

Marketing campaigns are also made easy and personalised through Kaddra’s solution, allowing Mariusse & Bonnet to interact with its customers in app, with high conversion rates on reading rates. This communication tool helps to increase their visibility at a personal level and it provides a high target market reach for their business. 

New in the fine jewellery industry – each piece of jewelry is sold with a QRcode allowing the customer to have and keep all purchase information, stone certificate or insurance directly on the Kaddra digital platform.


With the integration of the Jewel Box by Kaddra’s development team, Mariusse & Bonnet has now the opportunity to push its customers to digitally record all of their jewellery into the app. They are multiple uses for this feature. It can help customers keep track of their collections and potentially use Mariusse & Bonnet services to upgrade or clean the pieces. It can also serve as a back up for insurance if something happens to the collection. Through this world’s first feature, Mariusse & Bonnet has a great opportunity to keep a close contact with their customers and interact regularly throughout the year. 


Mariusse & Bonnet now has a competitive advantage with its complete set of tools in a beautifully designed luxury mobile commerce. It allows them to run their business from their workshop in France with access to most countries around the world. 

The mobile app has allowed Mariusse & Bonnet to provide convenience of access to the fine jewellery world in which customers can interact in a safe and secure digital environment with a luxury feel.

Mariusse & Bonnet can now manage events, marketing campaigns by using the built-in marketing and CRM tools, which allows them to target specific customers with a very personal touch.