Make health & fitness a lifestyle commitment

The health and fitness industry is much more complex than others within the digital commerce space. Customers are investing their money, time, and trust in your products to gain life-changing benefits. It is a serious lifestyle commitment. 

Kaddra offers a range of tools to help you engage, educate and build mutually meaningful relationships with your customers on this lifelong journey.

Running your fitness & health business has never been easier

Interactive Product Catalogue

Give your customers and sales team an interactive product catalogue accessible anytime, anywhere. Receive orders from customers or your sales team via your own branded app and be sure that orders arrive free of mistakes or missing information.

Push Notification Marketing

Reach your customers instantly and consistently with push notifications. Enjoy 10x open and click-through rates and fully engage your customers without cluttering their email inbox.

Integrated Delivery Services

Deliver fast and on-time, every time with the best logistics partners for a flawless delivery experience that will keep your customers coming back.

Member Tiering

Reward your members with preferential pricing, early access to products and events. With unlimited tiering, you can consistently provide value to your members.

Native Checkout

Give customer's the most convenient way to order with a seamless native checkout and dramatically reduce drop-offs. Let your customers quickly re-order with stored credit-cards and an instant re-order function. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayNow and all major credit cards.

Persistent Shopping Cart

See what customers add to their cart and engage with them at a personal level to accelerate sales. Keep track of the sales pipeline of individual items and optimise inventory flows. Override standard pricing for one-time negotiated prices.

Fitness & Health Case Studies

Science Arts – Fitness & Health

Science Arts is a Singapore based holistic health and wellness brand specialising in providing the experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to their customers....


Dance Embassy – Fitness & Health

Dance Embassy is a Singapore based dance studio founded by Lavania Hajji. They offer virtual and in studio dance classes including Bollywood, hip-hop, and...