Frequently Asked Questions

What measures are in place to ensure the security of my customers' data?

KADDRA CXM utilises enterprise-grade security/data protection, restricting any movement of data between clients and ensuring your customers' data is certifibly secure at all times.

We need our app to work in China - would your platform be capable of penetrating the "Great Fire Wall"?

Yes, KADDRA CXM comes with China integration capabilities so that you can offer your products and services to the Chinese market instantly.

We want to move toward a direct to purchase model but we have strict brand guidelines, can you still create a native app for us?

KADDRA CXM's distinctive mobile app UX means that you have full control of your brand presence and can customise the look and feel of your native app according to your brand guidelines.

We have already invested in a CRM platform, what now?

Using webhooks integration strategy, KADDRA CXM allows dynamic integration with any type of CRM platform.

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