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Learn how Kaddra powers an omnichannel retail experience for brands in the new normal.

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Food Retail

Explore how food retailers diversify & grow sales on mobile channels.

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Beauty & Cosmetics

Discover how beauty brands build customer loyalty through mobile engagements.

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Wine & Spirits

Learn how wine & spirits brand turns on the revenue tap with branded mobile apps.

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Pet Services

Discover the transformation in customer experience & growth in mobile commerce sales of pet food & service brands.

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Health & Wellness

Learn how wellness brands take care of the service experience through all channels to groom loyal and repeat customers.


Wellness Retail

Learn how Kaddra helpls wellness retail brands diversify their sales channels and grow repeat purchase.


Beauty Services

Discover how beauty services elevate their customer relationship by engaging customers beyond the salons.



Learn how Kaddra helps clinics elevate the customer experience and grow a strong base of returning customers


Members Club

See how brands expand their member experience beyond the physical environment food & service brands.


Discover how restaurants engage customers both at home and in the restaurant through mobile apps.

Fitness & Health

Discover how fitness & health brands improve customer retention & subscription with branded mobile apps.

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From start to launch in 6 week, Kaddra and the team have been exactly what we were looking for and more. We wanted to grow our fashion brand in Singapore and other South East Asia countries, using one solution and Kaddra was just perfect for what we wanted to do.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emily Huang


As part of the early adopters of Kaddra, I have seen the incredible benefit the solution could bring to my distribution and retail business. With over a year and a growth of 40% in sales over my normal top line, this has been the best digital move I have made. And we are just getting started.

Gregory Jeanlin

Founder, The Wine Odyssey

No matter how challenging the digital world can be, we have never felt more safe working with Kaddra. Our app was our first digital project, and we could not hope for a smoother operation. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anthony Charmetant

Co-Owner, Ma Cuisine

Since we launched our app with Kaddra, we had a staggering growth of downloads, with a majority of our members now using it as their main source of information. We saw the need for such a tool for our club, but the uptake is way beyond anything we could have imagined.

Xavier Rousset

Co-Owner, Trade Hospitality

Making the bar digital, mobile, and accessible all over the world was just unthinkable if it wasn’t for Kaddra technology.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emmanuel Dron

Founder, The Auld Alliance

Kaddra has helped us create a mobile ecosystem true to our brand quality and innovated completely the way we retail jewellery. Beyond the store, they also have created a jewel box to help our customers digitally record their jewellery for future servicing or enhancement. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Philip Bonnet

Co-Founder, Mariusse & Bonnet

Frequently Asked Question

Well, first of all, all your customers are on their phone, so would be good to be there with the proper storefront. You will improve purchase flow, communication, marketing reach, data collection, and so many more.

Most apps cost a lot of money because every functionality and design are built from scratch. With Kaddra, it is not the case. You have an entire library of tools, you can arrange your product display the way you want, and you can launch.

The average project time takes around 4 to 5 weeks.

Nope. With Kaddra, you get both at the same time and with no extra cost or hidden charges. We code in both languages simultaneously, so both apps are ready at the same time.

Yes, absolutely. Everything that you do on your app is yours. Kaddra is there to help you make sure you operate the system at its ideal capacity, but everything else is yours.

Yes. The products and orders will be synchronised through our integration if you are using Shopify, Magento 2 or WooCommerce. And our team will help you in setting it up. Then you can use one of the two back offices and run all systems at once.

Of course. It is a perfect tool to sell B2B. Since your customers are already buying from you regularly, they will benefit greatly from having it all on their phones. It will significantly improve your productivity too by harmonising the ordering process. We also provide the option of credit terms payment on checkout, so your clients can pay according to your credit terms timeline.

Native apps are developed in the device’s language, and the user must download them on their phone or tablet from an AppStore. These apps are by far the best customer experience, fast, secured and use all the functionalities and speed of the devices.

Progressive Web Apps are web applications optimised to mimic native apps. They are accessed via an URL and can be used on any device. They are giving access to certain functionalities of the mobile world, including push notifications.