iROO, Asia’s leading fashion brand, strides leagues ahead of competitors in the fight for digital sales by creating a stunning retail app using Kaddra technology

Kaddra Pte Ltd (“Kaddra”) today announced that a Taiwanese fashion brand iROO has released a cutting edge retail app using Kaddra technology, in Singapore and Malaysia simultaneously.

Kaddra Pte Ltd

iROO is rapidly evolving with more than 80 stores in Asia, specializing in providing affordable luxury fashion items, and they have no intention to stop there. With their newly launched iROO App, the Taiwanese Fashion Brand has set the tone for high quality digital mobile eCommerce and wants to take a decisive step ahead its competitors by including a live chat at the center of their ecosystem. Using Kaddra native mobile technology and integrations, iROO can manage customer service like never before in the industry.

“From start to launch in 6 weeks, Kaddra technology and team have been exactly what we were looking for and more. The setup and onboarding were incredibly smooth and we can now run our own branded app commerce from their backend with no additional skills. We wanted to grow our fashion brand in Singapore and other South East Asia countries, using one solution and Kaddra was just perfect for what we wanted to do,” said Emily Huang, Chief Operation Officer of iROO International.

Taking the affordable fashion world by storm in Asia, the Taiwanese brand started its digital pilot in Singapore and Malaysia, with plans to grow in other countries in South East Asia where mobile technology has been adopted, in recent years, at an unprecedented rate.

“We are delighted to be working with iROO on this unique project, building their brand into the digital world. It was a great opportunity for Kaddra to reinforce our strategy in Asia where companies and customers have fully adopted mobile technology. The return on investment for such a project will be huge for iROO as they grow into new markets without the need for physical expansion of their operations. And customers will still have a fantastic experience with the brand. This is a win-win and we are proud to have helped make this happen in record time!” says Quentin Chiarugi, Executive Chairman and CEO of Kaddra.

The iROO App is available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store now.

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