Kaddra partners with Retailers Market to release the most advanced digital retail commerce solution.

Aug 27, 2020

Kaddra today announced  that it has signed a distribution partnership with Retailers Market for Singapore to release a state of the art digital mobile solution for the retail sector. 

Retailers Market is a dependable service provider offering practical solutions for retail operations. Kaddra maintains a similar philosophy in the digital sphere, by providing businesses with functional digital solutions to increase businesses sales and accessibility. 

“We are delighted to start this collaboration with Retailers Market. This partnership comes at a time where retailers are facing one of the biggest challenges of their lives. Digital transformation was accelerated dramatically with the virus forcing stores to close globally pushing for a chance to reach customers in their home online instead of the high streets.” Said Quentin Chiarugi, Executive Chairman and CEO of Kaddra Pte Ltd. 

“ With this in mind we knew having the right technology was not enough to help retailers to go through this transformation and we decided to team up with one of the most experienced retail companies in the market to provide guidance to clients in an industry they have been dealing with for decades.” Added Chiarugi. 

“The retail industry needs to combine brick and mortar with digital experiences. This is the only way they will stay relevant and achieve growth. We didn’t hesitate to work with Kaddra technology when we saw it the first time. We knew this was going to be the best solution for all of our existing and future clients.” explained Nikki Chua, Sales Director at Retailers Market.  

“Combining our experience and our portfolio of services we are now offering a true mobile experience for customers from the stores to their home. Customers have already adopted mobile commerce and it is now time for retailers to step into it too.” Added Chua.

Together, Kaddra and Retailers Market will combine their decades of expertise to help the industry move forward with their digital transformation into the mobile space. 

Given the rapid increase of online shopping in the past years beyond the current global situation, this collaboration enables retailers to build a state of the art tech structure for the short term as well as a solid future for their business.

About Kaddra Pte. Ltd.

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