Push Notification Centre

It’s happening! Fresh data from our client base show how push notifications are making a huge difference in their sales growth. With a click rate of 46%, push notifications are knocking out email marketing without effort!

As the digital world leans more and more towards mobile commerce, (According to Statista research today 70.4% of all online transactions are mobile) trends in digital marketing are rapidly shifting in favor of push notifications. And for a very good reason, push notifications have an opening rate more than double than email marketing is more and more filtered out of peoples’ inbox. Recent researches have shown that users prefer push notifications to emails with a faster response rate and a higher interaction frequency. 

The data says it all. When used strategically, as outlined in our digital marketing handbook, push notifications are a crucial marketing tool for brands to drive traffic to their apps, keep returning customers engaged and increase sales rapidly. 

So if you want to give your business a serious boost with a great technology, very easy to use and super efficient, then book a demo with us and we can get you setup in no time.