The best tips to maximise your Black Friday sale

The key to winning the Black Friday shopping season is all about generating hype for your flash sale as soon as possible. Here are three proven tips to help you maximise sales during this holiday shopping craze.

1. Grab attention with creative ideas

Cut through the noise of Black Friday promotions with creative ideas that stand out. Here are some examples of the best performing Black Friday creative marketing that captured customers’ hearts and wallets.

The Patagonia Black Friday campaign was a prime example of attention-grabbing marketing. Using reverse psychology, the message brilliantly grabbed the audience’s attention, at a time when every other brand are pushing consumers to buy.
When brands and consumers bet everything on a Black Friday, Apple made a four-day event out of it. Apple’s creative campaign plan not only gave consumers some breathing space amidst the shopping craze, the campaign headline made their special offers seem much bigger than the biggest shopping event of the year!

2. Plan & automate your campaign calendar 

Here is a quick guide on the best days and time of the week to schedule your push notifications for maximum exposure.

3. Delight your loyal customers with exclusive offers on Black Friday

From preparing to launching, Kaddra Engage will automatically search and deliver personal push notifications to 100% of the selected users in your customer segment. Craft punchy push notification messages with less than 40 characters, pepper with the righ emojis, and ensure the content is delivered to your audience at the optimal time.

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