Combine your expertise with the most powerful commerce & loyalty platform

The most democratised business model for mobile apps. Modular storefront templates, a vast library of user’s functionalities, all connected to commerce, loyalty, push notification automated marketing, data analytics, CRM, CMS, logistics, payments and even appointment bookings.

The advantages of becoming a partner

If you are dealing with SMB’s, and need to expand your offering, then Kaddra solution could be the perfect addition to your portfolio. Our program allows you to sell Kaddra or white label the tech under your brand for your market.

Solve more challenges for your customers

Increase revenue, improve productivity, grow marketing reach and create stronger retention through loyalty.

Build a recurring sales model

Our SaaS model allows you to generate monthly recurring revenue for all your clients.

Create additional revenues

With the growing demand for mobile solutions and the limited offering, you can quickly grab market shares in multiple sectors.

Generate new leads from new sectors

Having an innovative solution like Kaddra on your portfolio will increase your chances to touch new prospects that may not have been in your target audience previously.

Bring loyalty to your offering

Loyalty is the most searched solution at the moment. Businesses with online commerce need to improve retention and engagement, and loyalty is the key.

Instantly increase your company’s value with our white label offering

Your clients trust your brand, and you can leverage this by using our technology to market your very own mobile solution to your market.

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Become A Partner