A traditional luxury distribution business utilises KADDRA CXM expertise to kickstart their B2C business


KEYYES was a proof of concept mobile app developed to showcase KADDRA's CXM backend capabilities. Launched for the Asian market in 2018, the proprietary platform was a luxury eco-system that could aggregate exclusive experiences and products from a global network of brand partners and luxury providers. Users could discover expert insights, purchase hard-to-find goods and make bookings for curated experiences or at featured lifestyle venues.


KADDRA's parent company, SAIS Group - a luxury lifestyle service provider - was looking to to offer customers a place where they could expose all of the great partners and products that they had been having access to for years. The digital space was the only solution to do so effectively, especially given the scale they envisioned.

The team had looked at the overall technological landscape to find a solution, but soon realised that it would take quite a few different systems to achieve what they needed which would have meant lots of complex and expensive integrations, data silos as well as poor data integrity.

They didn’t need the full suite of features that most providers require you to pay for but rather, needed core modules across CRM, eCommerce, Booking, Live Chat (between consumer and Customer Success team), Marketing Automation, Content Management and most importantly, a native mobile app.

“Connecting the dots between luxury, lifestyle and the consumer mindset is our ethos. It’s becoming a well-known fact that the more customers engage with your content the higher the propensity they have to buy,”

The Solution

The transformation began two years ago. By then, SAIS Group had built a strong internal tech team and realised that with their expertise, they could build an all-in-one platform, which meant faster integration, ease of use and lower costs. This technology know how, was coupled with insights from other in-house personnel - seasoned salespeople and marketers from various industries - who knew the exact core functionalities the platform required to provide an optimal customer experience...and produce sales.  

“We saw a major gap in the offering when searching for relevant sales and marketing platforms. The solutions we were presented with were mostly incomplete, expensive, hard to integrate and/or not intuitive in connecting our business offering with our customers. We then decided that we needed to build the platform we envisioned ourselves,” says SAIS Group CEO Quentin Chiarugi.

The team knew they needed specific key front and backend tools to create an engaging ecosystem that would capture and retain their customers' interest. They wanted they clients to experience the KEYYES brand as a lifestyle by offering access to curated products, events and content.

Storytelling was always a key component of the KEYYES app. Be it a 4th generation winemaker to an up-and coming bespoke tailor, the team wanted to find a way to showcase to the world what these artists do to perfect their craft and the effort behind their product. Chiarugi maintains that it has been a real driver for his team to share this knowledge and help others discover this world of amazing things, and why they knew a content management tool was necessary in the build.

“Connecting the dots between luxury, lifestyle and the consumer mindset is our ethos. It’s becoming a well-known fact that the more customers engage with your content the higher the propensity they have to buy,” adds SAIS Group Chief Creative Officer, Michael Hardman.

Other functionalities that added infinite value to the app included a Multi-purpose booking tool where their jet setting customer base could reserve seats at the top tables in any of the Asian cities the app was operating in - including Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo - or RSVP to closed door wine tastings and art exhibitions; as well as a Marketing Campaigns module so the team could push out promotional in-app messages relevant to the user or highlight events in their immediate vicinity that might be of interest to them.

The Advantages

By the end of March 2019, and within six months of the launch of the KEYYES, sales from the digital marketplace reached approximately US$336,000. Registered members on the platform - a gated community of High Net Worth Individuals - had also increased to 4,828 members, with a surge representing a growth of 221% in Q4 2018.

More importantly the average revenue per active user (defined as a customer who makes at least one purchase through the app per month) showed significant growth from an average of US$ 302 in the third quarter of 2018 to an average of US$ 475 in the fourth quarter of 2018. Conversion rates to purchase ranged from 3% to 13% for the top tier of the ecosystem, exceeding market averages - and the team's expectations.

"The platform saw the curation of the fascinating and quality driven partners, products and stories, all presented in a sophisticated way. From the content we created, to the products you could buy or the places you could book, the common denominator was the trust from our gated community that we curated an environment where they can make their choices without worry. Because of the platform's diverse tools, we had great insights on how the customers were interacting with the app. Users came to purchase and ended up reading about other subjects. Or they booked a restaurant and ended up purchasing grooming products," says KEYYES General Manager, Nicolas Finck.

"We have spend years building a know-how in customer engagement and retention from our traditional business of luxury goods distribution. On the ground, we have seen the changing behaviours and listened to the modern consumer. Why they were not satisfied, and how we could bridge the gap. This established the foundation of our technology and services and after 2 years of development in the best global tech hubs we created the most comprehensive sales and marketing platform, not only intuitive in connecting our business offering with our customers, but capable of helping thousands of businesses to connect efficiently with their customers."