A digital lifestyle club built to highlight the potential of KADDRA


Needed a way to scale B2C commerce

Resource-intensive sales process

Scattered comms using WhatsApp

No source of truth for customer interactions


In-App commerce


Live Chat

Self-service platform


USD $50 000 / Month in revenue

200% Revenue growth 

Avg. basket size USD $1,000

Avg. Sales Conversion 8%

1,000 MAU


Established in 2012, Sarment is a distribution business providing "Art de la table" products and services largely to enterprises in the luxury community.

Headquartered in Singapore and operating a team of extensively networked Sommeliers and Spirits Evangelists, Sarment delivers curated products and services that leverage a deep cultural understanding of local nuances seamlessly across twelve countries internationally. The company was No. 54 on the FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific list - the highest entry in the luxury goods category.


A few years ago, Sarment recognised they were facing a major challenge in growing and scaling their B2C business as they had primarily focused on expanding their B2B operations. As opposed to working with e-retailers like many of their peers, they wanted to take a direct to consumer approach in marketing to customers as they believed going straight to the source would allow them not only to simplify consumer journeys but forge closer relationships with each individual customer.  

Having a strong presence in Asian markets such as Singapore, China, Japan and Hong Kong where smart phone penetration is exceptionally high, Sarment also acknowledged that mobile is a large and increasingly important part of the Customer Experience journey.

"We see people around us constantly glued to their phones, and as consumers ourselves, we found that the path to purchase tends to be more seamless on mobile. This really made us see the value in diving in head first first into mobile commerce before launching something web based, even though it's typically the reverse scenario for most businesses," said Julien Drevon, General Manager of Sarment's Singapore operations.

The Solution

After the successful trial of KEYYES, Sarment saw the potential in the KADDRA CXM and knew that the core functionalities of the platform would aid them in the digital transformation of their brand.

"Their mobile first approach to development aligned with our priorities in terms of digital commerce, and the sleek consumer interface required minimal adjustments to suit our brand guidelines," says Mario Aron, CEO Sarment.

Because KADDRA focused on the must-have features across various categories Sarment required for their ecosystem, KADDRA is able to provide all this at a competitive price point for licenses and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is significantly lower than many solutions due to not requiring any internal or 3rd party IT resources to set up or maintain.

Additionally, KADDRA introduced customised functionalities for Sarment users including a wine recommendation tool – a collaborative effort with their sommelier team – to recommend wines suited to users taste preferences based on a proprietary algorithm using age, gender and level of wine knowledge expertise. This lead to increased sales and an optimised supply chain due to sales prediction of specific SKUs based on the population of the app.

The Advantages

Since launching their native app on the Google Play and App Stores in May 2019, Sarment sees an average basket size of USD $1000.

The platform has created an additional revenue stream for their business and they are steadily building a loyal base of B2C customers. "We've even seen requests from some of our B2B clients asking if they can utilise the app to finalise their purchases as the transaction process is so simple", says Aron.

The live chat functionality is also a hit with users. "Our Customer Service team addresses any questions our clients have - from requests for recommended wine pairings to resolving delivery issues. We've had great feedback that chatting to an actual person versus a chat bot makes the experience feel more personalised, and infinitely high touch," he concludes.