Significantly reduce your total cost of ownership by up to 80%

Set yourself apart with exceptional customer experience

We focus on the must-have features across various categories and are able to provide licenses at competitive prices. You also benefit from a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) that is significantly lower than many other solutions as KADDRA CXM does not require any internal or 3rd party IT resources to set up or maintain.

SME's with limited sales and
marketing resources
0-1,000 Monthly Active Users
$1,499 USD
* $5,000 setup and onboarding fee
Larger organizations with established sales and marketing strategies
1,001-50,000 Monthly Active Users

Our Chief Technology Officer, Will Beattie, shares how as an all-in-one platform, KADDRA CXM saves you procurement costs and set up fees.

A traditional luxury distribution business utilises KADDRA CXM expertise to kickstart their B2C business