goals and report for push notification

Improve customer engagement with goal settings and reports

Do you know that sending push notifications can increase customer retention by up to 10 times? As you automate your push notifications campaigns with Kaddra Engage, be sure to optimise your campaign performance by leveraging on the “Goal” and “Report” features.

Here are two quick and easy tips to help you take full advantage of Kaddra Engage to craft a winning push notification campaign:

1. Define your campaign’s goal

“Goal” helps you define your objective easily to optimise your campaign results. Go to the ‘Campaign’ tab under the ‘Engage’ menu, and select from a list of goals that best suit your needs before launching your push notifications. You can choose from brand-focused goals such as ‘Product Engagement’ to sales-driven goals like ‘Convert Abandoned Checkouts’.

Select from the drop-down menu a list of goals that suit your campaigns

2. Analyse your campaign performance

With the ‘Report’ feature, turn your campaign data into real-time business insights. You can access all the key statistics of your push notification campaigns on the dashboard and optimise your campaign performance accordingly.

All key campaign statistics are available at a glance

Need more tips to optimise your campaign performance? 

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