Kaddra Product innovations

[KADDRA NEW FEATURES] Mar 2022 – Product innovations designed to boost your business growth 🚀

At Kaddra, we constantly push the boundaries of innovations to ensure your business always stay at the forefront of the digital evolution. Explore the latest features in our recent product updates to help you achieve your business goals 🎯

💡 Enable Products Ratings and Reviews on your app

How does this feature power your business?

✔️ Encourage customer interaction and engagement

✔️ Help to improve product quality and visibility 

✔️ Boost brand consideration with positive customer feedback

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💡 Set up Add-ons feature for your products

How does this feature power your business?

✔️Allow you to upsell products easily

✔️Add flexibility to your product offerings with more options

✔️Enable you to add products to groups

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💡 Ready-to-go campaign templates

Read-to-go campaign templates

Here are the key benefits for your business:

✔️ Improve the engagements with customers

✔️ Save on marketing resources with push notification templates

✔️ Customise your push notifications based on customer behaviours

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