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[KADDRA NEW FEATURES] – Product innovations to drive growth 🚀

We know that running a business in an ever-changing digital landscape means a lot of uncertainty and doubt. As your partner in growth, we constantly innovate to equip you with performance-driven features that help you achieve your goals 🎯 

Check out the latest features in our recent product updates!

💡 Level up your marketing with location-based targeting through our new Audience Geofence feature

location-based targeting

How does this feature power your business?

✔️ Run in-store flash sale campaigns by sending personalised push notifications only to customers inside your store.

✔️ If your brand has multiple outlets with different product offerings, you can create customised marketing campaigns specific to each location, and target each outlet’s visitors with different promotions.

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💡 Set goals for your campaigns

set goals

How does this feature power your business?

✔️ Set clear goals for your campaigns to track real impacts on your business

✔️ Observe and analyse your customer’s behaviours to optimise your campaigns

✔️ Understand your campaign ROI to help you plan your marketing pipeline

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💡 Access Lalamove services on Kaddra Merchant app

Here are the key benefits for your business:

✔️ Manage your business on-the-go – Book your logistics directly from your merchant app. Yes, no more waiting in front of your desktop to process the order.

✔️ Cut down the time & resources spent on your order’s management

✔️ Offer a more seamless delivery service to your customers

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💡 Upsell your services with Booking Packages

Booking packages

Here are the key benefits for your business:

✔️Improve your cash flow by getting your customers to prepay for a service

✔️Increase service usage when you add an expiry date to your packages

✔️Enable your customers to monitor their packages and easily purchase new packages with a cross-sell function

Example: If you run a pet salon, you can offer a booking package of 10 sessions. Incentivise your customers by offering a humble discount on the package. The more customers purchase these booking packages, the more likely they are to become your loyal customers who will contribute to your long term, sustainable growth.

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💡 Attach files to a customer’s booking

attach files

How does this feature power your business?

✔️ Provide a value-added after-service experience to your customers

✔️ Send personalised content to your customers 

✔️ Offers opportunities to cross-sell additional products and services

Example: Your customer makes a dinner booking at your restaurant. He samples a glass of fine wine and really likes it. You can then attach your bottle of wine in-app product card to the customer’s dinner booking, so he can purchase it directly through the app later on.

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💡  Introduce self-service ordering with “in-store” fulfilment

self-service ordering from a customer's table

What are the benefits for your business?

✔️ Reduce manpower costs with self-service ordering at your customer’s table 

✔️ Receive payment upfront when your customer orders in the app

✔️ Protect your staff and customers with COVID-safe service flow

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