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From start to launch in 6 week, Kaddra and the team have been exactly what we were looking for and more. We wanted to grow our fashion brand in Singapore and other South East Asia countris, using one solution and kaddra was just perfect for what we wanted to do.

Emily Huang


No matter how challenging the digital world can be, we have never felt more safe working with Kaddra. Our app was our first digital project, and we could not hope for a smoother operation.

Anthony Charmetant

Co-Owner, Ma Cuisine

Since we launched our app with Kaddra, we had a staggering growth of downloads, with a majority of our members now using it as their main source of information. We saw the need for such a tool for our club, but the uptake is way beyond anything we could have imagined.

Xavier Rousset

Co-Owner, Trade Hospitality

Making the bar digital, mobile, and accessible all over the world was just unthinkable if it wasn’t for Kaddra technology.

Emmanuel Dron

Founder, The Auld Alliance

Kaddra has helped us create a mobile ecosystem true to our brand quality and innovated completely the way we retail jewellery. Beyond the store, they also have created a jewel box to help our customers digitally record their jewellery for future servicing or enhancement.

Philip Bonnet

Co-Founder, Mariusse & Bonnet

As part of the early adopters of Kaddra, I have seen the incredible benefit the solution could bring to my distribution and retail business. With over a year and a growth of 40% in sales over my normal top line, this has been the best digital move I have made. And we are just getting started.

Gregory Jeanlin

Founder, The Wine Odyssey

We are glad to have picked Kaddra as our tech & e-commerce partner for Private Vault. Your team is excellent & has allowed us to get the project launched in record time.

Brian Yim

Founder, MillionaireAsia

Easy to manage and launched within 4 weeks, Kaddra is the perfect solution to kick start your cross-channel commerce.

Boost revenue by 30%, from less than S$10/month

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What is Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is an initiative implemented by the Singapore government through its Infocomm Media Development Authority, in an effort to encourage Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) businesses to adopt digital productivity solutions.

Incorporating in the IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital Programme, PSG grant is designed to facilitate the adoption of IT solution and technology for SMEs, ensuring the overall efficiency and effectiveness of
the service or products they offer.

As a Productivity Solutions Grant vendor, our team at Kaddra will carefully guide your business through a complete digital transformation!

Am I Eligible For The
PSG Grant?

To apply, you're required to fulfill these conditions:
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fits these requirements.

What are the 4 easy steps
to secure your PSG Grant?

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Apply for the PSG Grant

If your business is eligible for the grant, our team will guide you to submit your application via the Business Grant Portal (BGP)

Onboard & launch your app

Onboard with our success team and 
get everything ready for launch.

Get the approval & receive 80% funding

Finalise your PSG claim, launch your cross-channel commerce 
and receive up to 80% subsidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company eligible for the PSG Grant?
To be eligible, you must meet the 3 criteria below:
 – At least 30% of local shareholding
 – Either company’s group annual sales turnover of not more than $100 million or company’s employment size of not more than 200 workers
 – Purchase/lease/subscription of the equipment or IT solution must be used in Singapore.

How long is the application process for PSG grant?
It normally takes about 4 weeks to get approval.

Why do I need to book a consultation?
The consultation will allow you to discover the many features and benefits of using Kaddra for your digital sales and marketing channel. It will also help us better understand your challenges and growth ideas so we can guide you for the most appropriate plan for your needs. 

Can we start the project before the approval?
Once you have submitted your application to the Business Grant Portal, our success team will be in touch with you and start the onboarding immediately. If all data and assets are provided to us timely, your ecosystem will be ready for launch, by the time you should receive the approval. 


How fast can you launch my store?
The fastest time you can launch is 4 weeks. However, the timeline may vary depending on the data and design input.

What type of business is Kaddra suitable for?
Kaddra Retail Solution can be used by businesses from a multitude of industries. Even traditional SMEs with a need to sell or promote goods and services can use it.

Why should I choose Kaddra over another software?
Kaddra is an all-in-one solution which includes commerce, loyalty, marketing, payment, logistics, CMS, CRM, data analytics, bookings & reservations, and more. Our unique approach ensures that you will have all you need to grow your digital sales and build a strong relationship with your customers without the need to constantly purchase add-ons.

I am not a tech person. Will I have a hard time migrating my products and customers to Kaddra?
Fret not, it is easy to create and migrate products within Kaddra Retail Solution. There is even a bulk upload capability available.

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