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KADDRA for the Automotive Industry

How do you engage your customer when the time between your sales cycle
is considerably long?

Content Management - Engage your captive audience of gear heads with brand news, tips and lifestyle the option of taking the experience not just on their mobiles, but on the road and in their cars.

Booking Platform - Car owners can schedule their servicing or RSVP to your brand events within 2 steps.

Mobile Commerce - Market and sell your branded merchandise to car owners and brand enthusiasts alike. Take this a step further and curate a selection of other products from wine, art, homeware that align with your brand of  lifestyle.

KADDRA for Consumer Banking

How do you sustain brand loyalty when your product is not always tangible?

Live Chat - Instantly support your customer needs, eliminating the wait for a response time.

Sentiment Analysis - Ensure maximum efficiency of your Customer Service teams by attending to those who are the most unhappy or in need or urgent assistance.

Customer lifecycle tracking - With a history of all interactions with the customer in one place, you can utilise relevant data to adapt and personalise your service.


How do you create a digital platform without requiring a dedicated team to build and manage sales and operational functionals?

Budget flexibility - KADDRA CXM has been built with sales and marketers in mind - which means you'll only get - and pay for - functionalities you truly need. Offerings expand as your customer base grows.

Marketing campaigns - Imagine you're a salon or restaurant owner: See a gap in your reservations schedule? Send a geo-targeted promotional message to customers in your vicinity - get their attention and get them back in the app!

Customer Analytics
-Gain a unified picture of customer insights and drive data-driven decisions to connect with your customers the exact way they want to be engaged.

A traditional luxury distribution business utilises KADDRA CXM


KADDRA for Publishing

How can you monetise your business when print is edging towards digital?

Consumer Facing Interface - Your readers are your customers. Enter a new era of publishing and enhance your digital presence with a native app to host your amazing content.

Mobile commerce - Introduce a new revenue stream by selling products endorsed by your editorial team.

Content Management - Track and understand content your readers are engaging with the most to curate an editorial calendar suited to their interests.

KADDRA for Members Clubs

How do you digitalise your club's ecosystem and simplify your members' engagement?

Consumer Facing Interface - Take your business mobile. Reduce customer experience friction by having your members book club facilities and RSVP
with a native app.

Booking Platform - Have your members book club facilities and RSVP for special club organised events and activities with a mere click.

Content Management - Track and understand content your readers are engaging with the most to curate an editorial calendar suited to their interests.

A digital lifestyle club built to highlight the potential of KADDRA CXM


KADDRA for Sports Clubs

How do you optimise engagement with your loyal fan base?

Booking Platform - Purchasing a ticket to a match has never been easier for your international fans.

Content Management - Push out news about the club, players and transfers. With real time content management, you can even attempt play by play recaps of live matches.

Marketing campaigns - Get your local fan base together by pushing out geo-targeted messages to official club team live screenings or even give them access to special edition merchandise.

Hear from Chief Creative Officer, Michael Hardman, how the KADDRA CXM platform connects your digital marketing efforts in a meaningful, efficient way.

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