How can you launch your own mobile app for less than $200 with Kaddra

May 28, 2020

Mobile apps are software programs made specifically for smartphones and tablets. With the development in technology, users now spend nearly 91% of the time spent on mobile phones using a variety of apps and not mobile websites. In fact, app users spend around 37% more money on purchases compared to non-app users. Thus we can say that mobile commerce is the future of e-commerce. Thus, nearly all the businesses, whether big and small, need to have their own app to increase revenue.

However, the cost of making a professional mobile app ranges from $150,000 to $1 million, try this app development cost calculator to find out the real cost of app development. Spending such a huge amount is not feasible for small and medium scale businesses and this indirectly affects their revenue and efforts to modernise their business. In many cases, this leads to such companies having to tie up with large commerce platforms to sell their goods and services. This tie-up results in sharing of profits (30% or more) from the sale and also customer data.

Wouldn’t it be better if there is any platform to help small businesses expand their reach by making apps for them that are within their budget? Don’t worry. Kaddra does just that. Kaddra created software to help businesses regain their profits and their customer relationship after being faced with a similar problem. Using Kaddra, you can create a mobile app for your business for less than $200.

Setup and onboarding

In the first step, the Kaddra customer success team prepares an app that matches your brand requirements and also your business identity. The mobile app will be set up using the company logo and brand identity, thereby helping your customers reach you from any part of the world. Following this step, the Kaddra Admin Portal will be accessible to you and you will be able to use it to manage every aspect of your m-commerce. Kaddra’s quality assurance team will ensure that all app features work the they required.

Adding products

Once the app is ready, you can start adding everything related to your business, including products and services.

The Kaddra team will be there to help you upload your services and products and even guide you in the process of making your business look great. With Kaddra’s easy-to-use m-commerce portal, the business can manage and control every aspect of their business. As visual element is very important for mobile commerce, the app designed by us will make the pictures clicked even from your phone look stunning.

Going Live

With all the above steps completed, your branded mobile app is now ready and using Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore you can start selling. To make sure you use all the solution provided to its fullest potential, Kaddra will provide reliable and constructive assistance related to technology to your team. Kaddra will also help make sure your system is secure and working in compliance to the data privacy rules.

With the fast-moving digital world, you need to be on top of the trend to make sure you don’t miss out on the competition. So what are you waiting for?