3 creative marketing tips to boost your Christmas sales

Christmas is probably the best time of the year to roll out your best marketing campaign that drives brand love and boosts sales. Here are our top 3 Christmas marketing tips to help you launch a memorable, highly effective marketing campaign.

1. Use the scarcity effect in your communication

The scarcity effect is a cognitive bias that influences our purchase decision. When we think that certain products are running short in supply, we feel the urgency to buy them. An effective way to implement this scarcity effect is to create the illusion of the holiday shopping rush in your marketing communications 😉 

Use Kaddra Engage to a schedule & automate your push notifications campaigns to nudge your customers to buy more. Here is an example:

2. Offer free shipping promotion

Did you know that 84% of consumers are more likely to purchase because the shipping was free? Make your promotion just a little more irresistible with free shipping and provide the additional value-for-money that your customers will surely love. Here is a great example from OSIM!

OSIM provides the Christmas bundle deals, special promos and free shipping immediately making the brand a must-go-to for the perfect Christmas gift

3. Marketing with a cause

Christmas is not just the season of shopping, it is also the season of giving. To capitalise on this holiday spirit, you may choose to partner with a local charity drive and enable your customers to contribute to a good cause for every purchase. Amidst the flurry of holiday sales, your customers may not remember exactly how much discount your competitors are giving, but they will always remember the humanitarian efforts that you are driving.

In 2017, Lego encouraged customers to create Christmas ornaments out of LEGO bricks and share on social media using the hashtag #BuildtoGive. For every share, LEGO would donate a LEGO set to a child at a hospital, homeless center, or children’s home. A truly brilliant example of marketing with a cause, while achieving great brand exposure.

Need support setting up your automated Christmas campaigns? Feel free to let us know.