Chinese New Year campaign tips

3 tips to launch a winning Chinese New Year campaign

As important as Christmas is to Western consumers, the Chinese New Year (CNY) is like Christmas on steroids. It makes perfect business sense that your brand would want to cash in on this highly lucrative holiday, in order to build brand awareness, cultivate a relationship with customers and drive sales.

However, beware that you are competing with thousands of other brands for your customer’s attention. The days of simply making things red and gold, and mindlessly slapping a zodiac symbol on the product or on marketing collateral, are long gone. Chinese consumers are more discerning than ever, so to ensure your brand stands out, your CNY campaign must cut through the clutters.

To help you make the most out of this important cultural event, here are 3 creative Chinese New Year 2022 marketing ideas.

1. Showcase the values and traditions of the holiday
Lunar New Year: The Great Chase Nike

The Chinese Lunar New Year is not just about unfettered spending. It’s also about spending time with loved ones, getting back to our roots, and sharing our wealth with others. This is the perfect opportunity, for you, as a brand, to show what values you champion, and to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Nike executed a brilliant campaign that not only pays homage to a long-celebrated tradition, but also cleverly highlights the brand’s value proposition. Such marketing excellence helps the brand to always stay top-of-mind in the consumer’s awareness and is crucial to driving holiday sales.

2. Drive user engagement with social media gamification

Social media is buzzing with branded content this time of the year. To stop your followers from scrolling through their social feed and miss your content, you can plan engaging branded content with gamification. For example, Marina One created a Chinese New Year-themed gamified contest on their Facebook page.

The fans are not only entertained, they also receive gift vouchers as rewards. The fans’ organic engagement on the social post is an effective way for the brand to gain additional awareness through Facebook’s virality algorithm. To drive app downloads and boost sales, you can make it compulsory that the vouchers from the Facebook contest can only be redeemed on your mobile app 📲 . 

Be sure to include your app download url and a clear call-to-action in your social contest!

3. Get creative with your CNY marketing visuals
Gucci Chinese New Year capsule collection

Yes, we know. Red and gold are still intimately connected with Chinese Lunar New Year. However, if the imagery and colour scheme are not used thoughtfully, it runs the risk of making your marketing collateral unmemorable. The marketing visual you use should not only celebrate the festive holiday, but also stand out from the crowd.

In 2018, the Year of the Dog, Gucci gave the zodiac symbol a brilliant fashion twist with a Chinese New Year capsule collection. The lesson here is to think outside the box when it comes to creating your marketing collateral, while also ensuring you stay faithful to your brand. 

We hope these tips are helpful to your marketing plan this CNY! If you need support to push your campaign through your app, please feel free to let us know.