3 tips to turn Thanksgiving messages into sales

3 tips to turn Thanksgiving messages into sales

To build customer relationships and boost your holiday sales, Thanksgiving is an excellent time of the year to show your gratitude and thank your customers for their patronage. 

Here are some proven marketing tips to help you stand out from the crowd and stay close to your customers:

1. Send your heartfelt “Thank You” note

Sometimes, a friendly “Thank You” note can go a long way to remind customers why they should buy from your brand. The most successful Thanksgiving messages are not sales-driven, they are meant to build relationships by tugging on the customers’ heartstrings. 

Vegamour personalizes its brand tonality here in this Thanksgiving email, to build a personal connection in a typical brand-to-customer interaction.

2. Make your marketing more human

Make your customers feel closer to you by including their point of view in your marketing message. Be brave to go beyond your corporate brand guideline, and go behind-the-scene to explore your core customers’ way of life, especially on a holiday like Thanksgiving. At the end of the day, being human may just be your brand’s biggest asset.

A funny and witty message on Instagram by GoPro catches the attention of fans and customers on Thanksgiving day.

3. Automate your outreach to your loyal customers

Use Kaddra Engage, our marketing automation engine, to identify and segment your most valuable customers. Send them a special gift to make them feel loved by a brand they have been supporting the whole year. Plan and automate your message in advance, to ensure you reach your target audience at the optimal time, wherever they are. 

As always, if you need support, we’re just a call away.

Happy Thanksgiving, to all of us at Kaddra!