How marketing automation can benefit your business

How marketing automation can benefit your business

Your business will grow through marketing automation. It’s that simple. 

It gives you more time, so your team can be more creative. While transforming your customer experience, it also helps to grow your sales pipeline too. And automation brings considerable cost savings. 

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to marketing automation, take a look at the 4 major benefits you’ll enjoy when you start to use automation tools.

1. Enhance the customer experience with our Audiences tool

Salesforce tells us that 77% of your potential clients prefer a personalised customer experience as part of their journey. In other words, if your marketing connects to their circumstances and experiences, they’ll pay attention. 

Marketing automation guarantees that you get their attention. And it does this quickly and efficiently. The automation engine used by Kaddra takes the details it gathers on your customers (over 100 data points, as it happens) and then pushes those audiences with relevant, engaging content that creates more sales.

2. Save time on marketing campaigns

Marketing automation makes your business more efficient. The hard work that goes into segmentation and messaging is taken care of by the automation process. This gives your team more time to work on strategic projects that help your business to grow faster.

For example, you can use Kaddra to send out triggered push notifications to different audiences. Once it’s set up, your team can focus on other areas, safe in the knowledge that your customers are being reached and engaged with in the most effective way. 

When you segment your audience, you know you’re delivering the right content to the right customers at the right time. You naturally find and nurture leads, while simultaneously growing your business.

Save time on marketing campaigns

3. Tracking and nurturing leads is easier

If you don’t nurture leads, you won’t make sales. However, lead management, from outreach to nurturing, can be labour-intensive.

Marketing automation removes the manual work, and engages with your leads to a schedule. That schedule nurtures prospects until they become customers and ensures your customers keep coming back. From a welcome message to a perfectly-timed promotional push, automation ensures your business is visible and engaging.

Tracking and nurturing leads is easier

4. A cost-effective approach with maximum results

Marketing costs money, but automation can free up a huge portion of that budget. Reducing the amount of labour involved in marketing by automating it means you can spend the money you have saved on areas that grow your business. 

That means more lead generation, more sales and more opportunities for growth. Marketing automation is simply more cost-effective. Every business is watching the bottom line and the ROI. Marketing automation enhances both.

A cost-effective approach with maximum results

Overall, marketing automation delivers a consistent lead nurturing process with the minimum of effort. If you’re ready to take the next step towards sustainable growth for your business, contact us to find out more.