How to increase sales with push notifications

How to increase sales with push notifications

With your ecommerce mobile app you’re already more available for your customers. However, the experience becomes even better once you start using push notifications. They are a fantastic way to keep in touch, and can even increase sales. In this post we will look at how ‘push’ can ramp up your profits as well as make your customers’ lives better.

Sales can increase when you get personalised

Push allows for truly personalised notifications. This is a great way to really get your customers engaged, as well as moving them further down the sales funnel.

Push can be used to send targeted messages, triggered by certain behaviors that your customers show. This could mean website visits, or views of a certain product. 

Then you can really ramp up the personal experience too.

Push allows you to work across a number of channels, making sure that your content that is delivered is personal to the customer. Obviously, this includes using their name. But it also includes offering product recommendations that are similar to what they have purchased previously. Or sending them a message that references their geographical location.

The whole thing can become very sophisticated. And the best part is that it can be automated through your mobile app.

Offers to cart abandoners

Offers to cart abandoners

Cart abandonment is a huge problem in ecommerce. Anyone who runs an ecommerce business will know that it happens way too often.

A number of ecommerce brands are now using their push notifications to send a message at the point when a customer tries to leave. The message ramps things up by offering an attractive discount, for example. Some companies even send a push that says the discount can only be accessed if the customer buys right there and then.

Again, powerful, and automated.

This also applies to those who ‘almost’ bought something. They may have saved one of your products to favourites or spent a long time viewing it (including the back and forth of comparing to other sites and apps). A push notification can send out a promo code at the right moment to help the customer make the purchase.

The back-in-stock push

All ecommerce businesses know that moment when a customer can’t buy something because it is out of stock. Guess what? A push strategy can allow for this.

Push notifications can be sent to customers who have been unable to complete a purchase (huge disappointment) because it is out of stock. The push tells them when it’s back in stock immediately (huge amounts of joy) and gets you another sale.

This is quick and automated, and means that your customer knows that you are thinking about them.

Promote Relevant Products and Seasonal Purchases

Promote Relevant Products and Seasonal Purchases

You can promote relevant products to repeat customers. As you get to know customers better, you can use push to identify their interest and behaviours, and then ensure that the most relevant prices are suggested via push.

Finally, seasonal purchases can be automated through push notifications. This is where a national holiday or special celebration comes up, your services identifies this and sends out notifications that naturally engage the customer. When it is Christmas, for example, your push notifications will work in advance, offering products and services that can help make Christmas a lot easier to navigate.

Put together, the push process outlined above can increase sales dramatically. And the best thing is, it’s all personalised and automated.