How to promote your app on social media in 2022

How to promote your app on social media in 2022

If your ecommerce business has an app, it’s on a path to growth. When your customers can buy your products wherever they are, they’re happy.

But what if they don’t know about the app? What if they are unaware you have an app? They’re going to miss out on all those opportunities to browse and buy your products. And your business doesn’t get the love, the loyalty and the revenue.

There is only one way to fix it. If you launch your app via social media, and then use social media to market the app, more people will know about it. And more people will use it. It’s as simple as that.

But that doesn’t mean it is easy. We’ve put together a guide that should help. First, we will take a look at launching. Then we will look at how you can maintain successful marketing.

So let’s get into it.


There is a lot of work that goes into an app. And once it’s done and ready to go, it’s tempting to go all out with a huge launch across email, social and everything else. That will come, but you must prepare first. Prepping your app launch is as important as the launch itself. 

Social media plays a huge role in app promotion, so getting things in order before you launch is vital. Choose the platforms that make the most sense for your audience. There are many out there but not all of them are right for the ecommerce world, not to mention your particular store. So it’s worth investigating the space first. 

If you are B2C (business to consumer) then you won’t want to waste any time looking at a platform like LinkedIn. That is a social media platform designed for business and entrepreneurs. However, if you’re selling shoes, then look at something like Instagram, which is the place to have a presence for products that are visually attractive. 

If you’re facing a young audience, consider a space like TikTok, which is huge, but also perfectly suited to a young, creative approach. 

Spend some time researching various platforms so you know which are the best for your app. Remember, you will waste time and money if you start promoting your app on a platform that makes no sense.

Promoting pre-launch

Promoting Prelaunch

If you set up a page on Facebook or an account on TikTok, you will have to do some work beforehand. The key is to make sure that the page or account is something that your audience will happily engage with.

Before you launch the app (as in it actually gains a placement on an app store) your social media presence can offer discounts, contests and giveaways before your audience even gets their hands on the app. This will build up the hype and expectation before the app is launched. And when you launch, you will likely have ready customers, armed with discounts and codes that will make that first purchase on your new app extra special. 

If you’re in a  position to work with Influencers (or micro-Influencers) then the pre-launch social media campaign is the best place to get them started. They can link back to your account or page and add plenty of juice to your pre-launch buzz. 

Side-note: When using social media for this kind of launch, you must include hashtags in your posts. This is especially true of platforms like Instagram, which reward hashtags that are well-chosen and relevant. 

As with all social media campaigns, always respond to any users that engage with your content. This is absolutely vital, because this level of engagement builds up a sense of involvement and community before the app is released. 

Remember, the more you commit to a solid pre-launch on social media, the more likely you will see the benefits with your download numbers.

Post-launch promotion

Promoting Poslaunch

Once you have launched your incredible app, you then need to focus on a combination of maintaining your community and strengthening the buzz and engagement around the app itself

  • Respond to comments on your social media channels about the app with genuine, thoughtful replies. Also, spend time engaging with your user base as well as those who have visited your socials and not yet downloaded. This is all part of building and strengthening that community and it will continue to keep the momentum going post launch.
  • Take the time to create content on your social media channels that helps new app users. How-to videos and FAQ videos are great, because they show you care enough to make the user experience as smooth as possible. And of course, this kind of work continues to promote the app.

Side note. Don’t forget to make sure the helpful videos and other posts are re-purposed so that they fit into the requirements and feel of each channel you are working on. Video content may need a little tweak here and there as it moves from Reels to TikTok, for example.

  • Focus on user-generated content. By this we mean encouraging your current app users to create testimonials or posts around the app. Maybe someone got a real bargain through a discount code they received pre-launch, for example. You can run a short contest for the most interesting post about the app and offer another incentive to the winner. This content adds more to your channels, and obviously brings in more promotion juice.
  • Use your bio to include a download link. In fact, use that link everywhere you can, including in your emails etc. But with social you can really make a difference and impact. Making the download easier through your bio is just one powerful way to enable more uptake.
  • Finally, if you haven’t yet found some Influencers who can spread the word and tap into their followers, now is the time to investigate that option.

Et Voila!

Promoting your app on social media is all about building the pre-launch stage, and then maintaining the buzz as your app goes live and download figures are rising. 

For an ecommerce app, social media is the perfect place for promotion, especially with certain products. So plan your launch carefully, and go all out as soon as the app hits the stores.